Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brate E Cel part 2

I forgot to include 2 things in last night's post! We celebrated by eating Turkey Tetrazzini, which is one of my favorite things to eat =) Thank you Maria for the turkey! We made bowtie pasta and put the turkey through the food processor. The turkey was so moist, it didn't crumble, like I expected. It turned out to be more of a paste - maybe our processor is just too powerful! At any rate, we combined the noodles, the turkey, some white sauce and peas. TASTY!
Another photo I wanted to add...I have been talking about/looking for a kid friendly nativity set. My friend Margaret gave me one she had used =) Thank you! It's great! The kids like moving the pieces around and I'm trying not to care if they are not in the right spots when they are done. So far Mo has not gotten too rough w/them! You know how boys are right? You'll notice in the pic that one thing is missing! Baby Jesus will be added at Christmas...(and that way He won't get lost!)
Consider yesterday's post a 2 for 1 =)

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