Thursday, December 3, 2009


Guess what we woke up to today?! (Ok, it's not a lot but just that fact that it shows up in the picture means more is on the way!!) What an awesome day! We finally got to see some of what we were waiting for all season!!! Today has been a day full of celebrations!! We cranked up the worship music this morning and Fabi learned a new song! She can sing part of the chorus to Hillsong's Take It All! (If you don't know it, go here and listen.) I was laughing so hard! She was singing, bopping her head and raising her arms, trying to dance by stomping one foot!
Once everyone got themselves ready...
(a belt is the required accessory for a certain 4yo these
days...and apparently, putting horns on yourself in
pictures is cool!),
...we went outside in the SNOW!!!

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