Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quintessential All American Saturday

Today Moses went to his 2nd McDonald's birthday party. Someone from his class invited him and we were excited! Mo celebrated by stamping his own wrapping paper!
The adults got to enjoy the party too - Dave met some of the parents I have gotten to know over the months of dropping off and picking up the kids. We had a few laughs when the birthday boy came out of the play structure DRIPPING w/sweat! The employee who was assigned to the party was a former student of mine, so that was a special treat. She did a great job talking to the kids and managing a large order. Before I left I got to talk to another former student I hadn't seen in 8 years! It's so weird when you see them all grown up...I am proud of both of those kids! I feel so blessed to see them as adults and to know that they have stayed true to themselves and their beliefs. Ah, are too good to me!

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