Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baited breath!

We put up our Christmas tree today! We haven't had one in at least a year, maybe two, for various reasons, but today it was fun to have Mo's help! He wanted to hang every ornament, right where he could reach, front and center! It was cool to tell him the stories behind a bunch of them. I know you are expecting to see a pic of it here, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow. We were camera shopping and left the old one at the store! Don't worry, they are holding it for us. So tomorrow will be the big reveal but today I pulled something from the archives again. It has nothing to do w/a Christmas tree or the holiday, but everything to do w/one of my core beliefs.
Dave and I visited the Marquette University campus a few years ago and each one of the crosses represented a certain number of lives lost to abortion. There were various signs but this is the one that still speaks to me. And now I've shared it w/you =)

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