Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Imagine that...one week behind...

Well, I made it half way through December before really falling behind in the celebration posts! I took some pics over the past week, fully intending to post them, but didn't. So! Here's the week in review!
Tues (12/16) I don't remember doing anything to elaborate, but I know we ate smiley faces!
Weds (12/17) We went to see Donald Driver at the Piggly Wiggly again! We had gotten his new book as a Christmas present but just gave it to Mo early so DD could sign it.

Thurs (12/18) and Fri (12/19) Again, nothing too elaborate but I took a pic of the kids b/c Moses was sharing his legos so amazingly well! We also went on a nature walk, complete w/boots, snowpants, hats and mittens, much to Fabi's delight! The girl is obsessed w/mittens I tell ya!

Sat (12/20) One of the best celebrations yet...Nana was visiting the cousins in another city and we both connected through iChat. It was awesome to see all the cousins! For those of you that don't know, iChat is like a video-phone, but it's free if you have a Mac, the software and internet connection. The kids kept putting on different hats and making faces at each other, Dave was hanging Mo upside down in front of the camera and one of the cousins brought a pet chicken in the house! We laughed so hard when it tried to fly away and then settled on the back of a chair!! I kept remembering that ride at Epcot Center - does anyone else remember this? - where you go through the various forms of communication over time. At the end there is this part labeled 'The Future' and they use video phones to call each other...the future is here my friends! LOL!
Sun (12/21) Bake sale at church!!! We haven't baked any cookies this year (I hardly ever do at Christmas) so it was really neat to get a wide variety of desserts there.
Mon (12/22) Wrote notes and cards to the great grandparents and attended a swimming
birthday party! The boys had fun - Dave tossed Mo in a bunch and Mo jumped in and swam on his own a lot. There was a slide too - when Dave took Fabi down, she wasn't exactly pleased, but hopefully we can get her in a swim class soon.
So there you have it! Fast forwarding through the week...speeding our way to the end of the year...

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