Friday, December 4, 2009

Find the camera!

Today we got to celebrate w/my parents by going to see a light display at the county fairgrounds! It was pretty cool - my uncle helped set it up and he was working in "Santa's workshop" w/my aunt. The entrance to the workshop was either a slide for kids or a door...guess which Mo picked? =) I left my camera in the van so all the pics of him sitting on Santa's lap are on my parents' camera. After the light display, we swung by to visit my grandpa. It is always awesome to see him and especially to see him and Moses together. He makes Mo laugh and Mo makes him laugh too. Tonight he took Mo's cap and put it on his head - he looked so funny!! Then Mo noticed he wasn't wearing shoes and tried to tickle his feet! It probably doesn't sound all that funny to you, but to hear both of them laughing is the best way to forget about everything not so fun that has happened in your day =) Since I don't have any fresh pictures, I'll dig into the archives....
This is my grandpa holding Moses shortly after he was born. I'm typing this through my tears, so forgive me if it sounds weird...I remember that day. I remember how my grandpa just sat there staring at him. I remember how he talked to him and how he didn't seem uncomfortable or anything. He didn't try to pass him off real quick or anything. He made it seem like this was a regular occurrence, holding newborns...=)! Anyway, I hope there are many more chances for us to take pictures of Moses and Great-Grandpa together!

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