Saturday, September 11, 2010

Onward and Forward!

A friend shared a link about personal goals for us mommas, and the title was "Making Mom's Health A Priority". I admitted to her that the title made me cringe and feel self-conscious. Taking care of myself is not exactly one of my strong points! But needless to say, I clicked on the link (mostly b/c I admire my friend Amy and aspire to be more like her!) and I am VERY GLAD I read it! I love the woman's goal sheet and really hope to create something like that for myself. Bear with me here, as I brainstorm some personal, physical and spiritual goals for myself.

PERSONAL - I'd love to work more on scrapbooking and the baby books. It would be nice to have time to sew or be crafty in general. I think I could dedicate one night a week to something of that nature. I like to read too. So maybe log 70 minutes reading for pleasure each week. I would also like to have a date w/at one family member a week - it may be something simple like just taking one kid to the grocery store, or maybe something more elaborate like getting a babysitter and going on a date w/Dave.
PHYSICAL - I should get to bed earlier, like by 9pm. I would like to drink more water. Working out at least 2 times a week is definitely something I miss. I'd like to lose 15 pounds. (There - I said it!! Well, at least I wrote it....)
SPIRITUAL - Wow, you have no idea...this is an area in which I fail miserably. I would like to memorize a verse a week. So now you all have the task of telling me your favorite verse and why! I will learn your verse and pray for you =) I also would like to start attending or leading a small group at my church. So that means I need to email my friend Vicky. I hope that 70 of the minutes of reading that I do for pleasure could be matched for Bible reading each week.

In the article, the author then goes on to talk about how you can put these goals into your daily routine. Her first task is to get up an hour before her children. Um, my child wakes up before 6 am!! That's not happening. The place I find extra time in my routine is after the kids go to bed, which is usually by 7pm. I also have some time during the morning these days since Ray naps almost the whole time the kids are in school. As far as the dates go, I need to be more deliberate in planning them. We now have a marker board to keep track of everyone and I'm finding a visual schedule is soooooo helpful! Why didn't I think of that before? It is easier to see 'free time' when we could squeeze in dates =) Working workout partner is my cousin. We used to go twice a week, but I think that might be hard to do that w/more kids in the house this fall. I am going to aim for once a week and then try to do something on my own 1-2 times a week. I think if I plan for Thursdays to be a day that I can run or try one of the programs on DVD, it will help. Drinking more water doesn't sound hard, but for me it is. I need to drink a glass of water with breakfast and one before the kids come home. One at lunch and another during nap. Then if I have one for dinner that would be 5. That is HUGE! I will need to set aside one night to get together a list of verses and email Vicky.

PHEW - Hope you are all finding time in your daily routine to work on your goals! (Don't forget to send me your favorite verses!)

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