Saturday, September 18, 2010

A slice of life

Today was pretty awesome! I was able to go out for coffee w/some friends - Tracy started this adoption/foster care support group and I am so glad we are meeting again! It's not formal or anything, we mostly just talk, but it's so nice to be able to talk w/people who 'get' it. Then I cruised home - Dave was working on a house project and had already taken Leah dress shopping for homecoming! Yeah, I was bummed to have missed it, but she already knew what she wanted anyway. It was still fun to see her dress and the accessories she picked out. We talked hair and I had the realization that I'm not all that into 'girl stuff' but here I was sticking it out in a conversation w/a teen girl (almost woman!) who valued my opinion about hair and a dress. Me? Have you seen the sticks of straw coming out of my head? And I am fashion-challenged, so I know only God could have authored these types of conversations, you know what I mean? Sorry - that was a tangent. After collecting a few things we hopped in the car and met my parents and Moses (he had slept over the night before). It's such a blessing to have them so close! Even having only one kid gone for a night is a re-charge to our batteries! We got home and Leah had a turtle! A friend of hers had found it wanted to give it to Ray. (Don't fret, we already let it go in the back 40.) But the kids got to see it waddling in the grass and we all looked over Dave's shoulder as he looked up the species or whatever online. (BTW - we decided it was an ornate box turtle. They don't have webbed feet and they have a very dome-like knobby shell.) We watched some football, Dave showed me the door we're planning to use as a headboard (he had applied paint stripper), and I actually got some cleaning and purging done! Whew! And today is not over! See what I mean? Yeah, I need more days like this. It was a pretty good formula for success. Tomorrow is laundry day, church and more football! Maybe even a boat ride...I LOVE FALL!!!

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