Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ouch! Fell off my own wagon.

I challenged myself to post more and then I did ok and then I didn't. But you already know that and aren't surprised! Life has been more of a blur than usual, but yet some things are moving really slow. Today I want to analyze (b/c I do a lot of that!) what is working and what is not...
WORKING: Everyone has been getting to school on time and doing the necessary things they need to do. Leah started her job and that's going well too! We put up a marker board to keep track of everyone's schedule for the week and this huge board is filled already. Stuff we forgot about kept getting added and amazingly people are actually not missing stuff, thanks to the board! Who knew?! The garden has been 'working' - we just harvested 16 squash, 9 pie pumpkins and 5 eggplants. Basil is still there, still going strong...Fabi has been getting extra calories at school in the form of free breakfast and snacks. Not sure she's gaining any weight yet, but I hope it will happen soon. Mo's quiet times in the afternoons have allowed me lots of time to get stuff done, as well as baby Ray's morning nap times. Can you believe I've been actually getting lunches and dinners on the table pretty regularly? It's working! The planning and the using veggies and the cleaning the table 57 times a works! (Mom, you're supposed to laugh...!) Something else that I marvel at - baking soda and vinegar. I have been cleaning bigger stuff now that I have more uninterrrupted time and I am so glad we don't buy commercial cleaners anymore. Why would we? I have cleaned so much stuff and I didn't need any of it! I just made more homemade dishwasher detergent and I even figured out why the dishes were so cloudy. I feel so smart!
NOT WORKING: I'm worn out. I need a vacation. I'm doing better, but any prayers would be appreciated. =) Since I'm worn out, I haven't been working out. =( That stinks and doesn't help my attitude. I hope to get that back on track soon. Also, finding a decent used single stroller. Where are they?? I am finding tons of doubles, of which we have 2. So I bought a somewhat cheap one but I don't like it. I haven't been diligent enough about getting breakfasts together. Stuff w/Fabi's feeding therapy keeps getting changed and delayed and that's really annoying. She's doing so much better but I can't help but think, "How much better would she do if she had her therapy week?" We will soon be attending court for the 3rd time in regards to TPR and I hope it will be the last, or at least the 2nd to last. I don't deal well when things are 'in limbo'. Something else that isn't working too well - purging. We started but then it gets late and we crash. Then the next day we don't get a chance to get stuff out of the house and it sits. So any kick in the pants you can send our way would be great!

That's a small summary of things around here...hopefully I will be a little more coherent next time!

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