Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I don't deserve this!

The son who sings church songs at the top of his lungs. "I LOVE YOU LORD!!"
The husband who catches a ride to work most days so I can have the freedom of the van.
The friend who hauls a bunch of kids to the park so we can have some time together, even if we are wrangling the kids and don't feel like going out.
The friend who thinks a lot like me, who may be willing to step out and lead so I can follow for once.
The friend who has ideas to help us save money and make life easier.
The son who runs off to bed obediently but stops on the way to slowly blow me a serious kiss.
The husband who works so I can stay at home and write a blog, read a lot of blogs and learn to cook.
The church family who prays for us, with us and for our family and friends, too.
The relatively big house w/lots of room for other kids.
The mom who models Christ-like care and concern for those close to her.
The dad who would do anything to make the good life possible for his kids and grandkids.
The God who would offer me grace and love after all I've done.

This is the short list. I would be bawling if I tried to write the long one! It's a very humbling experience. Days like this I feel sad, but I am bursting w/joy, all at the same time.
Is there something like this in your life?


Zippy said...

I'm new to this whole blogging thang, but here it goes...the ramblings of a mad(crazy), pregnant white woman...
I Definatly agree with you Mel!!! My Tom is the greatest in many ways! He loves me when I am confusing and irrational (pregnancy does that to you) understanding what I say when I get mixed up.
He would like me to quit my job because our family time is very limited (I work 6 hrs at night 4 days/week as a nurse), I know I should do what my husband says, but since I just began work in early 2007, he understands how difficult it is for me to quit. I told him this and he is totally fine with that and is not demanding.
He wants to build us a nice place to live with a garage and a deck.
I have friends who give me advise and patience as I talk about my crazy life.
I am also thankful my little boy is homeschooled and keeps demonstrating his spelling abilities, letters and numbers even when I don't ask. This is a big improvement since had to hound him to do school. He was learning his numbers yesterday and I can see that since he is a bit older now than at the beginging of the school year, he is more like a sponge and eager and paying attention. I am VERY encouraged by this progress and I thank God for the chance I have to make a positive impact on his life this way.
My little girl loves going to Cubbies (Awana program) and learning Bible verses. She asks several times in the week if it is Cubbies day yet. She sings songs to me and cuddles and climbs on me showing me that I am her dearest mommy. There is a country song out now that talks about a father meeting a boy who wants to take his daughter out on a date, but he stays awake until they get home polishing his gun...I cannot help thinking of myself in that situation in 13 yrs or so...I'll be the one cleaning MY gun. Scary though when you kids start dating (and driving). Best not think about such things yet. I pray constantly for the wisedom to enjoy each moment because these days will soon be gone-little kids.

Revka said...

There is so much I don't deserve

-my darling husband who puts up with terrible me
-my three girls who love me and forgive me even when I have lost my temper with them yet again
-God's forgiveness and patience during the 29 years when I was a lost sinner
-His continuing forgiveness and patience now that I am a saved sinner :)
-having people give clothes to my children - I have never had to buy them anything other than underwear, and my baby boy is starting out with a bulging wardrobe, too
-being able to stay at home with my girls
-my blog design business - I knew nothing about blog/web design just one short year ago and never expected to have that kind of a business
-loving friends and family
-too many more things to list... I won't hijack your comments :)