Friday, April 11, 2008

Scratch it

I've been itching to blog about something but nothing is really going on...we had a great day at the zoo the other day =) I'm putting this pic up b/c you can check out my new 'do, but really all the pics were kinda boring. I already talked about all the food we made and now we made a double batch of sneaky chef cookies. Um, Mo has decided that he loves stamping. We have all these stamped pieces of art everywhere...what else? Netting was on sale at the craft store so I got more. The last time I was at the grocery store I lost one bag, and it was the color I liked too. So now Mo picked out the color of the next couple. RED! I guess I'll be working on that tonight...after we go the the YMCA's free night. We plan to swim, play basketball and try out some of the tumbling class/climbing activities. I think the theme for the rest of the weekend is to tackle some projects around the house. Little plants are peeking out in the flower beds but we'll have to wait until next week to get out there - it's still supposed to snow this weekend! It'll be good to get some of the indoor stuff done.
I guess right now we've been feeling a little blah. W/Dave's news about the job situation going around, people are talking about it more and I can tell that's been bumming him out. I don't know what to do to make that better, so I just try to trudge along. People have been asking me about the foster care adoption stuff and there's just nothing to say. We seem to be stuck in neutral again. I am getting excited for a bunch of friends who are having babies soon! There's always going to be a small sense of jealousy, but I am excited for them. It's just fun to have babies around...and awesome to see our friends happy and feeling blessed. I just wish sometimes we had news. Of any kind! Overall things in our house are getting better, we just need to remember that and keep our spirits up. I heard there might be a 60* day or two next week, so that'll help! Maybe we can get the bikes out...

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