Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Work it! But wear a helmet.

This morning Mo and I needed to go to church, but Dave had the van. (He had his interview w/the county social worker! More on that later...) So we biked! It's only .93 miles according to Mapquest, but whoo! I forgot what it was like to bike w/that trailer attached. Plus, Mo is getting bigger and I'm out of shape. Anyway, I had to go to church again tonight and the boys needed the van, so I biked!! Let's see...that's .93 x 4...equals 3.72 miles!! It felt good! I'm going to add the .28 to the first ride b/c of the trailer. Yeah, I worked that much harder, so I biked 4 miles today! Can you hear the sound of my own hand slapping my own back? I've got pics, but I'll have to add them tomorrow. W/gas prices getting so high, I hope to save a few pennies this summer by biking. How are you planning to save money on gas?

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