Friday, April 18, 2008

Need a Hug?

The other day Mo was really clingy. He wanted to be held while I wanted to hang wash! It was such a beautiful day and I thought he'd enjoy going out to play again. (He's since shown evidence of a cold...) When he just wanted to be held, I remembered this guy's blog I stumbled on. He takes his baby girl everywhere in a backpack and calls himself Backpacking Dad. We have one of those things and I suggested to Mo that we try that. He was pretty excited, especially since it's something he does w/Daddy! Anyway, here we are! We did it! I actually got off the ground w/this 30lb toddler on my back. Yes, I am crazy. If you didn't realize that yet, you need to read more past posts! Anyway, I started to hang the wash. After 5 shirts or something, I realized I would probably pass out and that wouldn't be good. So I convinced him to go make me some sandbox lunch. Now we can say we tried that...

Later Mo decided that the neighbor's Mary statue needed a hug! I had scolded him earlier about the plants so after the hug-fest, he showed me how he got in and out of the flowerbed w/o stepping on the plants! Phew! I guess if your mom's too busy or WEAK to hold you, the lesson here is to go seek out a neighborhood Mary!

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