Monday, April 7, 2008

No diapers were harmed in the making of this waste product!

WOW!! I think we're really getting the hang of this potty training thing. We've had fewer and fewer code browns and Mo is really agreeable to do business in the bathroom! Our sucker supply is, I can't wait to be officially off the diaper wagon! Does that cliche work for stuff like this? I think off the wagon is actually a bad thing. Whatever! You know what I mean. I have pics to add, but need to make dinner first - lasagna! We already made more WWF pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, this time w/honey instead of sugar. A friend said you can't tell the difference...unfortunately our comparison is a little off. First of all, my honey was crystalized. I put in in warm water but after 30 minutes got impatient and used it anyway. Second of all, we had less pumpkin, so the muffins were a little more WWflour-ey. But I guess I didn't notice much of a diff in the sweet flavor =) (Sorry for the rambling post...I need to stick to the topic! I just remembered it was Monday and I needed to post about something I made. So now I did...and you should go make something and leave a comment!)


Liz said...

I was off today, so I made pizza (whole wheat from-scratch crust) and cinnamon sticks (with the leftover crust). And I cheated and made muffins from mixes (although one was technically a bread mix, but it totally worked). I hope your lasagna turned out well! :D

Amish/English said...

I made chili from scratch. Does opening cans of tomatoes, beans matter? Otherwise it was from scratch. I make good chili!!!

Karen_thrifty said...

I can hardly wait until we're done potty training. We're using less and less diapers though. When we're at home, we're using underwear and he's doing really well.