Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I love a man who cleans!

You should really get one...
(btw - no I am not trying to set the record for most blog entries in a day. I just happen to have a toddler who is involved in something else right now and I keep thinking of other things I wanted to say. Like this...)
...this past weekend Dave helped me clean the basement! We got sooooo much done. We took two huge bins to the thrift store. Yesterday I was gone and he cooked some Beef for dinner and cleaned the living room. I mean, he dusted (?!) the piano and wiped down the NASTY ceiling fan. He vacuumed the floor. He put away clean dishes. He is always helpful, but this was pretty cool b/c I didn't ask for him to do anything but put away dishes! I think that is my favorite thing - when he does it w/o asking. You're awesome honey! I'm bragging about you!


Revka said...

My man just cleaned all of our ceiling fans last Friday - love him! :)

Mama said...

My dh just did the dishes:) When you catch a good one, you make sure you keep him!:)