Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So true...

Just flipping by a program on PBS and the guy said something like, "Here we have invented a material that lasts forever (plastic) and we're using it on products we use for seconds." He was holding up a small juice box that found it's way into a river. Stuff like that makes me think. It makes me think about avoiding plastic in our lives. We've already begun to do that but it's hard. For those of you doing the same, know that what you are doing makes a difference!


Anonymous said...

We have felt the same thing - one from a trash issue and two from the potential health issues due to BPA in plastic. We are doing this by buying items in bulk, using canvas bags for everything and only shopping the outside of the grocery store. The other thing we have done is joined a CSA so we get local organic produce in reusable cardboard boxes instead of wrapped in plastic. It doesn't seem like enough especially when a lot of essential food comes in non-recyclable plastic containers, but it is our start.

Here's more motivation to remove plastic from your life.

Garbage Mass Is Growing in the Pacific

Chemical In Plastic Bottles Raises Some Concern, According To New Report

Green Bean said...

Great quote. It is really interesting, when you think about it, how much disposable stuff we use that will be around, basically, forever.