Monday, February 9, 2009

I love....

9) living close enough to things that we can bike and walk to! Today was relatively warm...I thought it was warmer than it really was - we walked past the bank and it said 34*. Either way, I hooked the boys into the double jogging stroller (thank you Sarah! It is awesome!!!) and we powered our way over the glaciers to Shopko. There and back = 2 miles! It was misty and there was light rain for about 3 minutes but it didn't matter, we kicked Monday's butt!

On another note, I will be posting a Make - It Monday post soon....we were so busy today!!

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amy said...

That is something to love! We only live a mile from our church and a mile from the school, but the streets are so narrow, and there are no sidewalks it would be like go on a death walk if we tried. Its a bummer. But we do live really close to some great running/ biking trails.