Friday, February 13, 2009

I love...

13) Watching sports w/my hubby. Our first big date was to a WI Badgers football game! Long story - maybe I'll write it all out some time...anyway, we are both Badger/Packer/Brewers/Wave fans, obviously, but college basketball is where we don't agree. He's a UNC fan and I'm all about the dynasty know as Duke! LOL - could there be a bigger rivalry? We follow local college hoops too, but come March things get prickly around here! This past summer we went to a AAA baseball game and that was fun too. Now that we have Moses we have to find some cheaper ways to watch live sports and that was a good compromise =) I have been in Fantasy Football and Baseball leagues w/Dave and his family and this year I'm starting one w/my own group of girls who like football! We might not all know a lot about football, but we are fans and we think it would be fun to play w/no guys second guessing our moves. I guess I thought of all this today b/c my favorite player retired - again...Brett Favre says he won't come back due to a pretty big injury. I wore my Favre jersey today and wished there were more sports on TV! We don't get much college basketball coverage! Nor do we have cable for all those classic sports channels or whatever...we went to a high school basketball game a while ago and the best part was seeing Mo freak out over the band!!! It was cool b/c he could go behind them and dance, watch the drummer and the tuba...I think he may be torn when he grows up! LOL - to play a sport, or to play an instrument?? I know he could do both, but it might be tough to be in pep band and be in the sport you are playing for! Well, God knows, right? We're having fun sharing our love of both with him =)!

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