Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love...

17) Target. I have not bought anything from there for a really really really long time...every time I set foot into that place, all my steely resolve to not buy random stuff turns to vapor and gets sucked into some big fan they have between the double set of glass sliding doors! I don't know why, but I feel like EVERYTHING there is so trendy and cool and I secretly dream about getting locked in there some night. I taught Dave where all the clearance areas are, telling him that I'm saving money and stuff, so don't worry...yeah that was a dumb idea b/c now when I sneak away from him to drool over stuff, he finds me way too quickly! I feel some shame admitting this, but it's true! I do not like how Target is getting to be a trendy Wally World and I do not like how all their clothes are for really skinny people! But I love Target. I'm not selling out, doing an ad for them or whatever, I Target. Sigh. Now you know.

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