Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love...

(I always stall out on these things halfway...I made it to the 15th and now here it is the 19th...some things never change!)
16) simple cleaners for the house. Don't laugh, Mom, I actually do clean! Mostly we've been using vinegar and hot water lately, but the dishwasher gets a Borax/Washing soda mix. Soon the name brand laundry detergent will be gone and we'll make our own for that too. I've used baking soda in the sink and yeah, I don't remember the last time it was that white!! Like having a new sink!! It's a lot easier to use stuff like that than toting around 6 different bottles for different surfaces. Do you have any favorite simple cleaning ideas? I keep meaning to get some essential oils to add to the vinegar solution but I never seem to be going anywhere that has them. This post is perfect for today b/c Moses and I are dancing and cleaning!

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