Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love....

14) When dreams come true! Ok, no this is not a sappy love-y dove-y one...stick w/me here...when Dave and I first walked through this house, the stove and fridge were in the alcove in the kitchen. We both thought it was so odd to have a hot and cold thing right next to each other...we envisioned in our heads some kind of booth, window seat (minus the window) or something of that nature. Since the hookups for the appliances were there and it would cost money to move them, we didn't. We did, however, say "Someday!" and filed the booth idea away. Well, when we redid the kitchen, we fully intended for the booth to get put in. Long story medium (mine are never short!), it wasn't. So now we had this empty nook and our table in it. Weird. Anyway - a good friend of ours offered to come and do it and he sounded like he was serious and he had the time and he researched it and we made a plan, etc...then he actually did it! In like 3 days or something! We were so shocked that it was actually getting done! DJ (and family) you are a huge blessing to us!! So after all that, DJ shows up to put the booth in. We had told him that we wanted it removable, just in case we try to sell the house someday and people don't like it. Besides, it might be handy to have at our next house!
Well....the walls in our kitchen are plaster. They are not straight. So needless to say, DJ measured in one spot and allowed for a gap but none of us ever thought to measure further down. So after he brought the bench in, it became clear that something was amiss!
"Hmmm...what should we do now?"

"Well, what if we use the piano bench to get it up and back, then just drop it down...?" I just tried to stay out of the way, you know that whole right brain, left brain thing...they needed to attack the problem like men. Aurgh, aurgh aurgh - tool men! So I stood back and took pictures!

The job turned out to be a little longer than anticipated but DJ was so good to us and stayed to finish the job right away. There was a sander involved and lots of grunts as the men laid into that thing! The boys and I had a picnic snack in the living room and watched patiently. Needless to say, we got it in! Also needless to say, it's not coming out! But we don't is so awesome to have something we dreamed of in our home, done and comfortable...It's US. I always wondered what our kids would remember about the house they grew up in and we hope that this is something they will remember and enjoy. Mo is just happy he gets to play in it!
And here's a cute pic of Mo and some friends all lined up eating dinner...look at all those kids we can cram on that thing! So handy!So if you ever get a chance to dine at nuestro casa, that's what's in store for you! And now I've sewn covers for some cushions too....but I think that should be a separate post! Check back later!

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