Friday, February 13, 2009

I love....

12) Being able to speak another language. I went to bilingual bible study this week and I held my own! The funny thing is, we went over the sermon and usually I'm not into reviewing it b/c I feel like I already heard all this...been there, done that....but the other night I got something completely different out of it in another language! God is awesome like that! I was so scared and nervous to go b/c I knew participation would be the beginning of the month they had a service in Spanish and it rocked. I took Mo and he picked out some words that guy was saying that he knew, and he asked me to translate about every 3rd word! LOL - (whispering) "Mom, what's tierra? Mom, what's sal? Mom, what's vida?" I tried my best to answer his questions but also translate the ideas the missionary was outlining. Anyway - I was nervous about the Bible study b/c it's not like service where you can sit in the back and write little notes to yourself to look words up and stuff. It went well, I felt so blessed to hear the points in another way, both figuratively and literally! I can't wait to go again!

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