Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making it up as I go...

Can you tell that I've missed blogging? Our laptop battery is on the fritz but since it seems fine right now, I thought I'd squeeze in another post. I have decided that Feb is the month of love and every day I'm going to try and post about something I love. It's already the 8th, so I better get cracking =)!
1) Kashi oat flakes and wild blueberry cluster cereal.
2) Sliding under LOTS of heavy blankets on the bed!
3) Being a Mom.
4) The new bench in our kitchen!!
5) The anticipation when the drummer 'ting-ting-ting's the cymbals from behind the curtain to start the worship at church! That sound can bring my son running from whatever corner of church! We can jump, dance and sing to our hearts' content...
6) Socks.
7) Reading, but I'm picky about what I read.
8) Planning stuff...I have all these ideas! I love to plan 'outings' w/friends and family! I am always trying to invite everyone to stuff...I don't always pull it off but sometimes a bunch of people show up and it's a lot of fun! I'm thinking of the time we had a bunch of young families over for St. Pat's day and everyone brought green food! The neurotic side of me stressed about having so many little kids here, messing up the house and then people eating in the living room and the kitchen and the litchen (what I've taken to calling the counter between the 2!) etc...but! The green food was so good! The kids were rowdy but we survived! There wasn't any food on furniture issues or anything....the lesson learned was for me to let go and just have fun. I learn that lesson every time but I still forget it!
Ok, there we go...we'll see what tomorrow brings!

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