Friday, November 16, 2012

A house full of Georges!

DAY 15
(Once again doubling, up on posts...)
Today I am thankful for the curious minds of my children!  Just a smattering of the topics we have discussed today: how and where to start when gutting a deer, the current map of Israel and why it doesn't have clear borders, what type of people the banks are willing to give loans to and why, pineapples and how some were designed to open at night so bats can pollinate them, how the word Palestine comes from the Hebrew for Philistia, how a combination lock works (still investigating that one), where does the water go when you hang laundry outside, the average weight of a wild turkey (one sat on an electrical line and today an entire small local town and large plastics plant were w/o power!!), why germs are called bugs, etc...They also wonder things like what would happen if they put the mesh hamper on their heads, how can they use couch pillows to build a castle, and what kinds of cool things can you do when you string a strong rope between your awesome fort and a nearby tree branch?  The answer to the last one, if your mom sees you anyway!, is NOTHING!  But it's still neat that you were curious =)

DAY 16

Today I am thankful for the orchard nearby.  I stocked up on apples, blueberries and apple cider donuts!  The kids love dried apple chips and I make a lot to throw into oatmeal too.  I'd be willing to bet about 4 apples a day are eaten in this house!  I have made applesauce a few times.  One thing Dave's brother taught us was to eat apples w/peanut butter as dipping sauce.  MMMMmmmmm good!  If I'm feeling permissive, I pour out a few chocolate chips too =)  I keep meaning to bake w/the apples but everyone eats them so fast!!  

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