Friday, November 2, 2012

This one goes out to Matt Nygaard...

...wherever he may be these days*.  Once, in some random class I had in West** w/Matt, he told me to spark up.  I'm guessing I was spacing out and tired, and I'm also guessing it was an after lunch class.  I have no idea why, but I laughed out loud at the expression, earning us a stern look from whatever teacher.  From that day on, the saying 'spark up' has been in my bank of sayings that I find funny and randomly use on others.  I'm pretty sure I called Matt 'Sparky' for a while after that...
If you are like me, you barely noticed that it's November.  Until, of course, everyone in your F.B. feed started posting 30 days of thankfulness statuses.  If you are like me and don't like feeling left out of something that you have done in the past, you'd want to join, but you would also know that you are not in the mood for that social site right now.  So you'd think of your long neglected blog...if you were like me...and you'd start your own 30 days of things you are thankful for over there!
TA-DA!  I am me, and that is just what I am doing =)
I am thankful I married a man who is willing to cook after a day at work!  I am thankful for painkillers that help take the edge off of sore muscles after foolishly thinking my puny arms could hold my hanging body weight.  I am thankful for a boy who loves to read, a girl who is learning to trust, a girl who is so smart and kind despite her circumstances, a boy who keeps learning new things and just wants your snuggles and tickles.  I am thankful for the YMCA and their programs, I am thankful for the bilingual school and the teachers, I am thankful for the other families and friends who walk this journey of life w/us!

*I could have swore I saw him at a mall near the children's hospital this past summer...but I was too chicken to go up to the guy.  What would I say to him anyway?  I wasn't/still am not that memorable of a person and I don't do awkward.
**My high school was 1 out of 2 in the nation that had both an East and a West (2 separate schools!) in the same building.  We had classes that were on either side, friends from on either side, we could eat lunch on either side, etc...but our sports were completely separate.  Yep...odd...but we were used to it!

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