Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sticks and stones

DAY 11
Today I am thankful for this house!  There are so many times I wish for a mud room, more space, a second bathroom...etc...and I see a house in an area I like...etc...but seriously?  We've been here 10+ years and it is home.  I remember pulling up wet soggy carpeting, scraping mold from between what is now gorgeous hard wood floor boards, painting, and figuring out where stuff went.  I remember laying on the floor upstairs when I was pregnant.  I remember falling asleep in the green room (that my girlfriends painted to be a nursery for us!), a sleepy infant in my arms.  I remember demo-ing the kitchen/LR wall and watching our new kitchen being installed.  I remember watching my family and friends help to fix up our garage.  We have been so blessed to share family meals here and host friend gatherings!  I think the thing that I love the best is that every kid who has lived in this house has their height measured on the nursery door frame.  I think part of that might need to be pried off when we move!  

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