Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Count me in!

You know you're the parent of a toddler when...
...you go pee and your toddler comes running from the next room, cheering, "Yay! WooHoo! Good job, Momma! You went potty!"
...you talk about things like going potty w/reckless abandon.
...'helping' w/the dishes or cooking actually means 'spilling' something.
...you have to stop yourself from laughing the first time they shout "NEVER-R-R-R!" like a pirate after you've asked them to do something for you.
...you know all the words to the Bob the Builder song and find yourself mumbling it as you fall asleep.
...everything is a game. "Your coat is sad, can we make him happy and put him on? Don't steal my meatballs! Don't eat them! How fast can we pick these toys up?"
...you have no need to imagine what it would be like if 3 rolls of paper towel were torn off, sheet, by sheet, and strewn about your kitchen.
...you find yourself asking, "Where did you get this?" a million times a day.
...you hit your elbow on a door knob and make up words like "Fuhmoodertooder!"
...you use the timer so often that your toddler hears the smoke alarm while you're in the shower and keeps yelling, "The timer, Momma, the timer's beeping! It's the timer, Momma! Get the timer!"
...you have a secret stash of confiscated (or special food for mommies and daddies only) items! Sh - it's on top of the fridge!
...you eat snacks all day! (Maybe this is only true if you have a boy...?)
...you live for nap time. This video should serve as a visual/auditory explanation.
We love 'em, but can I get an AMEN??
What are some of the ways you know?
And if you don't have toddlers, go ahead, tell us some of the ways you can spot a parent of a toddler. Be honest - we'll try to laugh about it, I promise!!
***Disclaimer - all testimonies written here are true and can be fully verified by the author and her boss. Do not attempt to recreate these scenes in your own home. Doing so will only serve to confuse and disorient family and friends. TLW - it used to mean True Love Waits, but in this case it means Toddlers Live Wildly!


Abby said...

I love how you are trying to coach him into doing some actual rhythm and he just wants to make a lot of noise. Are you hoping to have a drummer someday? :)

Mel and Moses said...

Yeah, I don't think we'll have much choice! This kid is bound to be a band geek. No complaints, just gotta work on a garage/practice facility! He's definitely musical. I don't know how many times a day he says, "I'm gonna play a song for ya!" It's a lot - he usually stands on his stool, sits at the piano or gets his microphone and guitar. One of these times I'll record one of those too...

jason said...

"Daddy, I'm not hung-ery."
"Okay, no one said anything about food."
"Well, it's almost lunchtime."
"I DON'T WANT lunch!"
"Okay, you don't have to eat anything."
"But, I'm HUNG-ERY!"
"I thought you didn't want lunch."
"But I want a snack."

In other words, little girls also like to snack all day.

Michelle Gartner said...

hmmm... fuhmoodertooder, I need to teach that one to my oldest son. With all the testosterone and wrestling he has suddenly taken to cursing more then I care to hear and it making the little ones quite good at swearing as an added side effect. Yay!