Thursday, January 10, 2008

Diaper challenge Days 1-3

We've learned a lot in 3 days.
1) Mo's not interested in sitting on the potty anymore. No, he won't even accept bribes.
2) The pull-ups are too big.
3) "I have to go potty" actually translates to "I just went potty".
4) Maybe we're not ready for this?
So for now, we're still in diapers. We think we've solved the night time wetting with the overnight diapers, which at first appeared too big, but seem to actually be okay. We'll still ask and make a big deal if he goes, but...I don't know. I don't want to push him. That's partly a lie, I do - b/c I'm sick of paying for paper diapers and washing cloth ones! The washing wouldn't be so bad if the sun came out once in a while. I just washed a load of them yesterday. I was sitting in the LR and I thought, "What is this bright light coming in my window??" The sun! Quick - wash something and hang it outside!! It was the best. I'm not sure why I love hanging wash so much. I guess it makes me think of my mom and how I loved to see her do that. I was going to say I loved to do it with her, but I don't think I helped much. I remember talking to her while she hung stuff up,'s still a good memory, I guess =) Do you have any weird things like that? Stuff you like to do and you don't know why...? Or is it just me? Ha! Don't answer that!

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