Monday, January 21, 2008

The good, the okay and the ugly

Just a few updates...talked to the adoption social worker today and we have an appt. for Feb 8. I feel like that's forever away! But I guess it's under 3 weeks...I still haven't heard back from the foster care social worker.
Small victories - Mo's back to sitting on the potty again, and going a bunch. We ran out of Halloween candy M&Ms, so I bought the big bag! He always asks for red though, so I should have gotten a Valentine's Day pack.
And now the ugly. I don't think I said anything about it, but we just got a really nice new car. I didn't say much, I guess, b/c I don't want to sound like I'm bragging or whatever. Well, we've had it since Jan 1 and I drove it once so far. Dave uses it to get to school and I just drive the brown bus. Anyway - Dave was in an accident today. He's fine, but the car is not. He took out a street light pole. I can't believe they go down that easy! This was a really industrial looking one. Well, the tow truck guy thinks they'll total it, the car that is. I was like, "Um..." and then I didn't really breathe for a while. We really didn't need this right now. We have always talked about just having one car and how we of all people could actually do that. But w/everything going on, this was just one more thing, you know? So...if you think of it, could you please pray for us? It's so ridiculous in our culture how we rely on these conveniences and feel like we can't live w/o them...I just remind myself that w/God there are no accidents. His plan is superior to anything we could organize and these 'setbacks' serve only to bring us closer to Him. I'm sorry to use this space to complain about something so trivial...on a more meaningful note, please pray for Crunchy Chicken's family. She's the author of a blog I frequently read...if you're interested in a specific thing to pray for, click here to read her latest entry on family news. Thank you for taking the time to keep them lifted up in prayer! I know from firsthand experience how much it means to people in that situation. Ok, enough of that...hasta la proxima vez (until the next time)!

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