Friday, January 4, 2008


It's been a tough week for me...I haven't been getting much sleep and just stressing about stuff. I still haven't gotten back into the groove after Christmas. With that said, I thought today was going to be awful...but it wasn't! Moses and I met up with the parents group at the art museum and did some projects in the kids' area. It was so much fun and the kids were really good! Mo's buddy (recently adopted from Russia) was there, and we had a couple of good laughs working on the bubble machine. Then a bunch of the kids were in the play house and I sang them a lullaby - they started fake snoring - too cute! I felt so blessed and uplifted by my friends and they probably didn't even know it. The fact that we have people here who are family to my son is beyond what I could have asked for. Then we went out to lunch w/another family and both kids were well behaved. It wasn't too messy, they weren't too loud and they ATE what was served! Ok, it was pizza, but hey we're counting that. I got home, got Mo to bed really easy! I guess he was wiped. I was able to clean a little and the begin preparing dinner. I made chicken dinner for us, our adopted daughter Beatrice and another family. It seemed people liked the chicken =) and the boys played relatively well together. We enjoyed the conversation and laughed at the boys as they played toy guitars and sang. All throughout the day, I kept having moments where I felt I was happy. Not even tired, just happy! I am so grateful for my to all of you, even those that I am not in regular contact w/, please know how much I appreciate you being in my life! Love, Mel

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