Monday, January 14, 2008

So much to write about...

Today, I don't even know where to start! I've got some good pics, so maybe I'll start w/them. Last week Mo had his first swimming class! Lots of the second one you can't even see him - he's underwater. He's doing pretty good with it!

The other pic is from last Friday morning. A bunch of us parents and kids usually get together for some fun at various places. Mo and Samuelito were both in a good mood! Buddies!!Finally, here's a picture of Moses helping me cook. Now that's he's getting older, he wants to do everything we do. Dave and I are like, "Yeah, here kid, here's your job list!!" Actually he really can be helpful unloading the dishwasher and stuff. Anyway - Dave and I both agreed Mo needs a little more structure during the day, so we've created a little schedule. He still has plenty of free play, but now we work on numbers and letters a little, we get music and gym time and he helps me with cooking and cleaning. I'll probably post a copy of that schedule next time, so you can all keep me honest! Obviously, he's two and I'm not really a restrictive parent, so I'm not following it to the minute or anything. But we've been having fun cooking together and Sweatin' to the Oldies for gym time! He loves that tape - I brought it out as a joke, of course, but they have a live band and he really digs Richard's enthusiasm!
FOSTER CARE NEWS - paper work is 90% complete. We need to type our personal info, make a fire escape plan and install smoke detectors. There's some discrepancy about whether or not the basement stairs need a hand rail. At any rate, we hope to be setting up an interview this week. YAY!!!

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