Sunday, January 27, 2008

Date Night

We went out on a date night Saturday and saw one of the movies from our list on the sidebar. We saw August Rush at a cheap theater. Everyone always asks, "Was it good?" whenever you tell them you saw a movie, so I thought I'd just put my 2 cents out there...First of all, we wanted to see it b/c it was about a kid in a boys' home who believes his parents are speaking to him through the 'music' hears. Music as in the sound of the wind in a field, the chimes hanging by his window, the cars whizzing by, etc. Noise. But it was like he was autistic and he heard music. The music and kid needing parents thing intrigued us. Anyway, for honestly the 4th time in our lives, we were the ONLY people in the theater! (Side note, one time, on vacation, we were alone and Dave went out to use the latrine and the movie shut off. Not just that, but the lights went out. So I was ALONE in the DARK. So since then I always tell him he can't leave!!) Back to this story! It was actually more fun b/c then I could yell at the screen - "Hurry! It's her!! She's gonna leave w/o you! RUN!!!" I thought the movie was a little crazy. Some parts I really didn't like b/c the boy was really being taken advantage of and it seemed every time he got something good happening in his life he got stuck in a bad situation. At one point I almost started crying and I told Dave I just wanted to get to the end! I assumed there would be a happy ending, which there was, but it wasn't good enough to redeem all the other stuff. It was cool how they worked the music into it though. The other movie we recently watched was I Am David. Go rent that one instead! Have you seen any good movies lately?

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Abby said...

My friends and I went to see August Rush last week...I thought it was pretty good. But I can see what you mean about the poor kids getting taken advantage of.

And I wish we had been alone in the theater. It was pretty packed, but that didn't stop me from talking during the movie. Oh well.