Saturday, January 19, 2008

Swamp Juice

Our friend Jason keeps saying we should throw more raw veggies into our blender to make smoothies...this is our second attempt. Hoo-EE! It's green! There's romaine lettuce and carrots, but the rest is fruit, so we cheated. There's apples, a pear and oranges. It was yummy! I tried to convince Dave to throw in some broccoli...not sure how that would have turned out, but he got scared anyway. Then Mo wanted to take pictures of us - keep in mind it's the morning and I'm not very awake! (AND it's a toddler operating the camera!!) Cheers!

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jason said...

I'm always proud of you guys, no matter what!

Fruit isn't cheating. Most people put 50-60% fruit in their green smoothies. Simple works too, here's one of my favorites:

1.5 or 2 cups water
2 pears (or bananas or frozen peaches)
2 medium handfuls of torn up dense greens (kale, collards, spinach, etc.) or 3-4 handfuls light greens (green leaf, romaine, etc.)
--Makes 4-5 cups