Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hang on!

Here's an analogy: Adoption and foster care is like a roller coaster. Stop me if you've heard this one! Thus far, we have been waiting in line. There is a rope maze, which deceives us into thinking we are getting somewhere. We see all these people who are coming off the ride, we hear their screams, we feel the rush of air as it pulls into the 'boarding station'. We get excited and try counting the number of people in each car in relation to the number of people ahead of us. "We're getting on the next one!" we say, only to see we must have miscounted or something. Today - we are standing right behind the rope and the high schooler working the controls just told us we are going to get an extra minute on the ride!!
Yesterday I called the foster care social worker to say we are ready for our first interview, paperwork and house stuff is essentially complete! Today I missed a cell phone call from an unavailable number. So I checked the messages, which I never do. The first one was from November! Anyway - there was one from early last week. It was the state adoption social worker. ACK!! How much longer would that message have sat there?? So I called her back and left a message. Last time we filed adoption paperwork, by the time they called us we were pregnant. God's got a sense of humor! So today I started feeling funny that these two things are happening together. Which they should. We are hoping to work with both social workers if we find the right kid(s) in the foster system to adopt. But today my heart just fluttered at the thought of things actually happening!

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Karen_thrifty said...

It's a shame that the process takes so long to complete, especially when there are so many children out there without loving homes. Good luck to you all!