Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yesterday we went w/a group from church to Chicago. The purpose of the trip was to take some students from Malawi shopping...but not like you'd think! They wanted to buy luggage a small appliances that would work with their outlets and had heard of a neighborhood on the NE side. Turns out, it was an Indo-Pak neighborhood. So, yeah, we were in the minority!! That's not bad, just different. One of the first grocery stores we went into had lots of bulk spices, beans, rice, etc and I couldn't help thinking that I would buy from a store like that if it was closer! What my mouth said was, "We need more stores like this in America!" Does that give you any indication of how different it was from where I live? It was fun though and the most hysterical part was trying to cram 13 people and 18 suitcases and various bags into a 15 passenger van for the ride home!!! I have some pictures but I will post them later...On the way home Dave kept saying, "Look out the back and you can see the Sears tower..." We just laughed b/c the only window we could see out was the front!! After the students shopped we took them to Millenium Park and checked out the fountain. Then we walked to Buckingham Fountain. By that time everyone was ready to go home. All in all a good day...the best part was seeing their faces as we came up out of the parking garage. They couldn't believe the tall buildings! We forget, you know? I mean to us they're just buildings. We take things like that for granted sometimes. It's good to be reminded!

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