Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wonderwoman Complex

She bikes (even when she falls off!), she mows, she plays, she aches!!! So I'm suffering from Wonderwoman Complex. Do you ever have those days when you are on a roll? (No pun intended!) I tried to do it all Monday...after biking Dave to work, I tried to finish the lawn w/the push mower. I asked Mo to take my picture and he was more than happy to do so! Um, buddy? You forgot to get my feet and the mower! Try again...

HAHA! Now you missed my head! Back up and see if you can get me all in there...look in the window and see if you can see my head and my feet, okay?

YOU DID IT!!! (I didn't dare move, hence the Barbie pose!)

We don't always use the push mower, but since I like mowing, I try to help out and use it as much as I can. It does take muscles, which I don't really have. So I would say for someone like me it works best on the flat parts! We've had this mower for a few years (4?) and I suppose at some point the blades should be sharpened. It was $10 at a garage sale and I have no complaints! Other than the dandelions in the lawn...that's another story!
Yesterday I had an awesome time shopping w/my cousins, Liz and Abby. They both were talking to me about their Live Journal blogs - want a link? Leave a comment! It was practically a kid free day! I love my son, but wow it was hard not to talk about kid stuff all day. I apparently need to do more stuff w/adults. Anyway, I had horchata, a few sips of margarita, tea and more tea so I am fully hydrated! I felt really relaxed all day and it was good to laugh! Today? I ache. My bruises on my knees are ripe. Big. Ow. I thought of getting back on the bike today, but I think we'll walk!


Mama said...

Get those blades sharpened! You might be surprised at how little muscle you need! Our video is up on the blog, you can see my goofball dh doin' the job! I love mowing too, and we have been known to fight over our reel mower!

April said...

Love the pics MO took!