Sunday, May 11, 2008

A sad one, sorry!

It's Mother's Day and I am having a tough day. First of all, it was Mother's Day last year that my father-in-law passed away. Also, a friend from church is at the children's hospital w/her son, who probably will not make it through the day. Even though I know this child is going home to be w/his Heavenly Father, I am struggling w/the fact that he is leaving the only mother he knew on this Earth. I wish I could hug her and hold her...all I can do is pray for comfort. In some way I feel the devil is stealing my joy. The joy of having this son who plays uses random objects as microphones, sings church songs at the top of his lungs and shakes hands w/the men at church, saying, "Glad to see ya. I like your tie!" The joy of having completed a home study for foster care, to think that this was probably God's plan all along. The joy of being around so many awesome mothers, having the best one myself. The joy of a hot warm pizza =) Sorry there are just some greasy foods we haven't given up yet! It's one of those days where I smile through the tears. Mo is right now singing, "I know that I am redeemed..." and "We love you Lord! We bless your name, Father!" How lucky am I? How is it that others aren't so lucky? I'm sorry, this is taking forever to write b/c I keep having to stop and wipe tears or blow my nose. Please pray for the mothers like my friend Elizabeth. I know she is hurting but I hope she can come to a place where she sees this day as one of joy, to know that her job as a mother was done well. She taught her son (and all her children) about the Lord and b/c of that, he can be w/Him eternally. I apologize for such a sad one today. I promise to post pictures soon. I will do it when I am feeling a little more spunky =)

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