Tuesday, May 6, 2008

YES we do!

Our neighbor has this huge pine tree that is constantly dropping pine cones. He collects them for his daughter b/c she makes Christmas wreaths w/them. There's always a bucket near their garage, waiting for those that fall. The neighbor on the other side has some pine trees in the front yard that drop really little pine cones. When Mo and I go for walks, we always stop and have mini pine cone fights! He laughs hysterically and it makes any bad day feel better. Well, I came out the back door and caught Mo carrying big pine cones over from the first neighbors' house. I told him that he needed to put those back, the reason they are in the bucket is for his daughter...he dutifully returned them to the bucket and slowly walked back to our yard. I heard him sigh and say, "We need a daughter!"
On another note - if I haven't mentioned it already, we have our home study for the county on Friday. Please pray. I'm sure it will go well, but somebody needs to tell my nervous system that! Thanks!

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