Monday, February 25, 2008


For Make It Monday, Mo helped me make (sneaky chef) mint chocolate chip cookies. yummy! There was oatmeal, wheat germ, whole wheat flour and white bean puree in there. They turned out crispy, crunchy and GOOD! The 3 of us went for a walk when Dave got home, too, so we're trying to work out before Wednesday. This past weekend we went walking at the mall and we both 'felt the burn' afterwards. Don't get excited - we're so out of shape, that only took about 20 minutes of speedwalking! Hope you're on track w/all your goals and resolutions so far this year...

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Revka said...

Hey, you should post the recipe. That sounds interesting and healthy, and if your kid likes them, maybe mine will, too. :)

Mr. Incredible and I definitely need to work out. He has a new position at work that is definitely giving him more exercise, but I'll have to wait another 5 months or so until after our son is born to start working on that excess poundage I'm lugging around. Good for you two working toward your goals! :)