Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Swiff no more!

It's a belated Make-It Monday post...I made my own swiffer duster covers. I was almost out and looking at the price of new ones. Not very cost effective! I was already using both sides of them...being the college educated, internet addicted person that I am, I went online to see if there was a way to make them. Despite being college educated, I don't always think of easy solutions right away! I found lots of ideas out there from knitting/crocheting to putting a sock over it. The idea I 'stole' was to cut some fleece the same size as the swiffer cloth. You know how it seems like your fleece sweatshirts collect all the hair and lint everywhere you go? Yeah, it just never occurred to me to put it on a swiffer! Well, I did it and Mo helped me make a pass under his crib. Eeew, I guess it worked! Actually I think it worked better. It seems to pick up bigger chunks that the swiffer cloths just pushed around. I'm sold - plus I can toss these in w/the laundry and re-use 'em. Nice!

Now for the Tues portion of this post...Mo and I did our civic duty today. He was a flag-waving American! He liked the marker in the ballot booth. He wanted to vote! He said to me at lunch, "Thanks for voting w/me!" Aww...

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Revka said...

Now that is a good tip! I have a Swiffer that has been sitting in a corner since I used the last Swiffer cloth - about 2 years ago. :) I just can't bring myself to spend the money for the refills. Now I won't have to!