Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Police Beat

Crime: Damage to personal property, more specifically a nutchie (a.k.a. pacifier) with intense sentimental value.
Date: Wednesday, February 20.
Suspect: Female, about 5' 4" tall, brown hair and brown eyes. Wearing jeans w/some stains, a ratty old green Brett Favre sweatshirt and slippers. Wielding a pair of scissors in a hand w/incredibly dry skin.
Victim is offering reward of one kiss and bear hug for the return of the damaged nutchie. If you have any information about this nutchie or have the means to provide a replacement one, you are asked to call 1-800-4MO-SES.

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Revka said...

Cute. :) I wonder who the culprit could be - Mom!

Thanks for stopping by The Porch Light and leaving your nice comment on "Financially Irresponsible?" - I hope you get the twelve children you desire.