Friday, February 29, 2008

Sweet peace and a random rant

Ahhh...sorry, I'm just enjoying the peace that is in our house this morning! I think we are OVER the nutchie. It has been 2-3 days of decent naps and sleeping through the night. We are all so much more fun after a good night's sleep! Just now, Mo was reading a lullaby book that includes Twinkle Twinkle and he went and found that book. He's been reading them quietly for over 10 minutes. Ahhh...It's been a busy week, but good. Mo's wearing 3T pants on a regular basis now. We used the facilities at Goodwill, Younkers and the library. He seems willing to go with me every hour, which helps avoid accidents. Sometimes I can't believe he is doing so well. He counts up to 14!! Usually just to 10 though. We got a letter in the mail about Creative Play, a 3 yr old program through the Rec Dept. It costs money, so Dave was pretty flippant about not putting Mo in it. It's only 2.5 hrs for 2 days a week, so I was thinking why not? I know I have no job, but I'd certainly get a lot more done around here if he wasn't in my hair. (Did you read the beginning of this post? He's not always that way...but...) Then we talked about how we might have more kids in the house by that time! We also talked about how the brochure has a pretty significant mathematical error. That sucks. It really makes them look dumb. I hate that. Especially when it's supposed to be an educational thing. Here's the teachers' names, come to our school, ps we can't do simple math. Yeah, I want you to teach my kid! (Note the dripping sarcasm!) I really want to call. I know the Rec Dept is not a school per se, but here it's part of the school district. We figure they probably use the same flyer every year and the price has gone up so now the 'less than $5/day' is no longer accurate. I guess I could understand if that was the case, but I just can't excuse lack of editing. I used to find errors in the newspaper all the time, when we got one, and I'd rumble around the house for a while saying I should work for them! So that's today's random rant. I'm ok now, really I am...

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