Monday, March 3, 2008

It's a Rock!

So I was thinking of how to wrap up this weekend and I realized I shared a lot of times w/my friends this weekend. Some good, some not so good...There's a lot going on in my friends' lives and for once I feel like we don't have much going on! I've been praying for a bunch of friends who have been going through some stuff lately...and the topic of the day that Elmo is thinking about is friends. I love this one b/c his friend Zoe keeps coming around w/her pet rock, Rocco, and she tells Elmo all about the things they do together. "But Zoe, it's just a ROCK! UGH!" Sorry, to see Elmo sooo disgusted just cracks me up! Anyway - that all got me thinking about the friends that I have had for the LONGEST time. Dave and I were talking about this the other day...the friend I have had for the longest time has been my 4th grade penpal! We don't write as much as we used to and we've only met in person a few times, but we've been friends the longest (in case you can't do the math, that's like 18 years!!!). The other friend I've know the longest is my girl Dawn, who I've known since the summer before high school (almost 12 years). We shared an apartment in college...I've got to find some of those pics. You would laugh...we've got some stories, too, of course. How long have you known some of your friends? Would it be weird to be friends w/someone you never met? Dave didn't think he could be friends w/someone he never met. We just watched a movie called Sweet Land about a mail order bride from Germany who comes to the US right after WWI. (It was really sweet! No action, no junk, a little comedy, but just a sweet movie about a love between two people...) It got us talking about how people used to do stuff like that all the time! Oh man, this post is really rambling. Sorry! I wanted to put up some pictures but the camera is out in the van. I'm not going out in the sleet to get it so you'll just have to wait!

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