Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prayer Request

We found out some info about Dave's job situation for next year. It's not ideal and it's not official, so I hesitate to explain it all right now, but please pray about it. God's will is going to be done in the end, but right now we are stuck thinking in terms of what we want and don't want. Our minds are swirling with ideas of how things might change and for me especially, that's hard. It's no secret that I get pretty anxious if things aren't planned, or go according to plan! How have I survived 30 years like this? Well, the first 20 were mostly spent getting zits and eating a lot of chocolate! The last 10-11 have been spent relying on God. Anyway - thanks for praying for us!


Revka said...

Will definitely be praying. We went through a similar situation (at least from the details you were able to give) about three years ago. In the end, the Lord used the bad work situation to make my husband willing to move from his comfort zone, and he ended up with a fantastic job in a new area. We have both had to adjust and make new friends, but it has been wonderful. I hope you end up being able to say the same.

Mel and Moses said...

Thanks, Revka...we are so blessed to be in contact w/other brothers and sisters in Christ through such technology like the internet =)

MaMulsoff said...

We're actually going through that now, which has forced our hand to make the move to Colorado. Everything happens for a reason. While the last six months and the next six months will be a financial and emotional drain for the two of us, we both know this is what was meant to be.

Best wishes!