Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crawling out of a hole

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Do you ever think stuff just sucks so bad you don't want to do anything? Yeah, it's hard to write in a blog called the good life when you don't feel like anything good happens. I have so many updates and stuff to say that I will probably be posting a bunch of stuff in a short time. First, I need to talk about the good stuff so you will come back and read the 'not fair' junk that caused my pout-y absence. Life is good b/c I have an adorable son who loves music and talks to Jesus while he falls asleep. I have a hot hubby who wraps his long arms all the way around me while I cry. He says, "I don't know," when I ask WHY?? but he doesn't stop holding me. We love having people over to our house and we have so many friends here that we consider family. This town has lots of stuff for us to do! Life is good b/c Dave has a job in a good district. We love our van but still think it's cool that we can walk to church and the grocery store, even when it's only 35* out. Life is good b/c I have a place to hang laundry in the sunny 40* weather, even if the neighbors think I'm daft. The sun streams in our front windows and reminds us that we love the 4 seasons here, but most of all we love the fact that they change, better later than never! Life is good b/c I am working my dream job. My son loves going to church and dancing to the music. He's getting used to the preschool "big boy" class, and every teacher there is so kind to him. We can't believe we have come so far on our journey to achieve a bunch of stuff we dreamed about. We look at our wedding pics or the first pics of our house and the other stuff doesn't seem so bad. Not only that, but we know God cares for us. He is faithful to us in providing for our needs. He gives direction through His word and a way for us to be blameless, pure and whole. I was reminded of that this weekend. Instead of grousing around about how it's not fair, I started thinking about God's reaction to my tantrums and rants. He's done so much for us, I can hardly complain. Sometimes it just takes me a second to realize what is all in front of me. A new perspective, a new focus...I promise I will update again. I know people have been asking about Dave's job situation so I will start w/that next time. But please, if you feel like pouting, take a minute to give thanks for the other stuff, the people, the blessings. I hope it will help turn your attitude around like it did mine!

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