Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have you seen this girl?

It's me!! For St. Patrick's Day we had a dinner party at our house and went to the arcade afterwards. There were 15 people here, 6 of which were kids. We ate pesto pasta, green tortilla roll-ups, salad w/cukes, gr peppers and blue cheese, green chips and green taco dip, green pistachio pudding dessert and we drank green punch! Everything was delicious and it was a super success as potluck dinners go. Those that didn't wear green pinned decorations on =) The arcade was a great cheap place to go for family night! That's me on the skateboard game (note the deep concentration) - I did it twice! I crashed into the wall a lot, but by the second time I was doing a few tricks. I also tried the dancing game...yeah, not so good at that either! That was fun though! Dave tried a bunch of the race car/snowmobile/motorcycle type games. Mo danced around and munched on his animal crackers =) He wanted to play the basketball game but it wasn't working. We spent $3! It seemed silly but for a family date night it was a good time...when was the last time you went to an arcade?

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