Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dave's Job

This story starts out w/an elementary ELL teacher in our district being killed in a car accident. My 6th grade teacher was killed in a car accident on the way to school, so when I saw the news I felt for the kids right away. I told Dave that I felt called to go in and teach those kids for the rest of the school year, especially b/c I have that certification and I can identify w/the kids. He contacted HR and what not, and was told to call them at such and such number on such and such day. He called. They told him that the spot was filled by a long-term sub, which makes sense from their standpoint, paying no benefits and all. But then they told Dave that he is being moved b/c he is the only one in the district certified pre-K bilingual (I am too, but I'm not working!). As in, you will not be working at the same school next year. The same school where he has been for the whole time we have lived here (5 yrs? 6? I can't remember!). The same school where his best friend and our neighbor works right next store. The same school where he finally organized the curriculum, finally feels like he belongs, finally bought some new materials for the students...that school. Next year he will be doing a split position. Half time at the pre-K school, teaching in the bilingual program and half time at the high school. I came home and he was so upset...when he subbed in elementary classes, he hated it! "She said she's not my friend anymore!" The whining, the putzing in the bathroom, the crying, the simple activities...not his style. For him, high school is not much better! That and he's never taught in the bilingual program. He was angry, feeling like it wasn't fair and he wanted to fight it, but didn't know if that was possible. (It's not.) I didn't feel as upset...I thought maybe there was a way I could do the pre-K and he could do the HS. Dave always said he'd give his right arm to be home w/Mo! I also thought it was pretty cool that the 2 schools are a parking lot away and he wouldn't waste a lunch hour traveling. Not only that but since we have one car now, being a traveling teacher is not really do-able. Anyway, we found out that the only way for me to get the pre-K job would be for the district to post it and I'd apply. There would be a chance that someone else could get it and both Dave and I could lose out. Not cool. Yeah, so for now, I guess we're over it. I mean it certainly isn't what we wanted but as I've said before, we know God's will is going to be done. Dave knows of the pre-K principal and has heard good things. He knows some of the HS teachers b/c they are my former co-workers! I could go on ranting about this, but what's the point? I'm sorry I left everyone hanging about this earlier. It was Dave's news and he didn't want it told right away. Thanks for praying about it! We would appreciate your continued prayers. There's been other stuff going on, but I haven't been up to writing. My next post will be less bitter I promise!

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SamFields said...

Wow! It's God's will - God's way!