Friday, March 28, 2008

Color me TOO SLOW!

Does anyone have experience getting crayon off of upholstery?
I have read about using WD40 but I'm scared. This is the back of the stool that sits at our counter, which is plainly visible in the living room. I know the pic doesn't show much, but the yellow crayon is pretty obvious. He said, "I need some paper!" I responded absentmindedly, "Just a minute....", and then a minute later I heard the scratchy sound of a crayon on an upholstered piece of furniture! He wasn't totally at fault! I should have hustled to get the paper and this was the first time he did anything like this. He knew it was wrong and apologized to me. Oh well. It's just stuff, but I'd like to keep it as nice as possible for as long as possible you know? It was a good teaching moment! But please let me know if you've had experience in this dept. The upholstery is pretty rough, not smooth. I tried scraping it off but not much was coming out. Any help would be appreciated!


jason said...

You can get wax out of fabric with an iron and a rag or paper towel. The heat and pressure should draw the wax into the towel. Be careful about the temp, and NEVER use the iron straight on the fabric (like when you get impatient and just want it to melt the wax a little faster, oops!).

I'd bet a Google search will help you figure out a good temperature setting.

Backpacking Dad said...

Yep, iron and a thin towel.

Decaf, please said...

Well, they probably aren't so green, but Magic Erasers work for that. I used one years ago to get crayon off of stone.

Revka said...

I've used the WD-40 trick, and it's awesome! Just follow up with dish soap to remove any greasy residue.