Thursday, March 6, 2008


California has declared homeschooling illegal, unless the primary teacher is state certified. No more plain old mommies and daddies teaching their own kids. Check out the article from Fox News. Some people are worried b/c CA tends to be a trend-setter for such laws. They don't have a teaching certificate and vehemently oppose their children being thrown into a traditional school setting. I just find it odd - what does the state have to gain by doing this? Most of you know my own personal feelings about homeschooling. I don't think it's for me (and I have a teaching certificate!). In general, however, I am not against it, assuming it's done right. That's a big long discussion for another time. Either way, this 'law' makes me squirm. How does it make you feel? Your thoughts?


Homeschooler said...

Teacher's unions do not like homeschooling because schools receive money for each child in school. Fewer kids, less money. The state is probably reacting to pressure from the unions.

Revka said...

Before I ever had my children, I knew that I wanted to homeschool them. I don't want my children being indoctrinated with the public schools' philosophy, and the Christian schools in my area were simply private schools - nothing Christian about them. (We have since moved, and our church offers an excellent school.)

I think this is one more way for government to push their agenda on parents and take away their authority. If you look at the evidence, home schooled children quite often are MUCH better educated than are public school graduates.

Besides, as the previous commenter said, every child means more money for that school. Money talks.