Monday, June 9, 2008


I have had such a good time over the last 5 days!! It felt like a mini-vacation! I'm tired and there's so much to talk about but I have to include pics, so here we go...
Mo and I were bored a few days back so we decided to pump up the Body Wedge! You're supposed to be able to do 21 different exercises on it, but we discovered a 22nd. Yeah - just using the hand pump will give you instant biceps!! Mo thinks it's a great slide!

Then we got to hang out w/some friends at a children's museum and the kids had a blast! It seems like we never have enough time to talk and our visits are MONTHS apart, so we have to change that this summer. Anyway, we got back and that's when things shifted into high gear. We found out we could get into our hotel room on Fri, not just Sat and we were off! Dave's mom joined us and wow - the room was really nice! It was so amazing to be a part of the rehearsal for my brother's wedding...I am so thankful to God that he has found such a wonderful woman! I am so happy that they are making a commitment to each other. We all have seen our parents model strong relationships...most married people will say that they have good days and bad days but making the choice to love someone forever is worth it!
Patrick's wife, Becky, chooses to love all the rest of us as her family and I love her as my sister. That is really special and I'm thankful for that too. My brother has made an effort to include us in his life w/her, like when he called to tell us that she said YES! That means a lot to me/us. I love my brother too! It's weird to think of him as married =) But I/we are so happy for him. It's a blessing to know that he has someone to share his life with!

One of the best parts of the wedding was to dress my little man up in a shirt and tie! He was so proud to wear a tie like daddy! (At this point we were going to walk to the reception from the hotel, but the heavens opened up! There were tornado warnings and sirens all least it was beautiful for the ceremony!)
Mo took a nap during the ceremony (can't miss it!) so he was ready to go...on the way up the ramp to the reception, he kept yelling, "Where's the wedding?! Where's the WEDding?!" Then when we got there I think he went into shock. All the people in his (extended) family photo album, some of which he's never met (or maybe once when he was a baby), were there - he was like, "They're real people!" LOL! He kept smiling at everyone on the head table...the little flirt! We kept him up a little later so we could dance like we promised. During the couples' first dance and the dance w/the parents, he just hung out by the edge of the dance floor, swaying to the music, itching to get out there! At one point I went up to see if he would be ready to dance w/me and he yelled, "Go back! Go back to your seat!" I guess I was messing w/his plan...his first dance was w/Grandma =)
Well, I could go on and on...hope you all had a fun weekend too!

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